At VIOMPREL S.A., having 35 years of successful and steadily upward course in the field of professional shading systems, we stand out both for high-aesthetics design of our products and the excellent quality of the materials we use in all stages of production of our constructions. We offer the most reliable proposals and solutions for shading, but also an aesthetic upgrade of professional and private spaces while placing special emphasis on the safety of our constructions, thus meeting the highest requirements of our customers.

Our constructions include:

  • Tensile structures with architectural membranes
  • Architectural umbrellas
  • Professional telescopic umbrellas
  • Special awning constructions, pergolas
  • Internal shading systems

In our privately owned facilities, with a total area of ​​approximately 4,000 sqm in Chalkis, Euboea, we possess state-of-the-art equipment and specialized staff. Participating regularly in most international exhibitions in Greece and Europe and following all the latest trends, we stay constantly informed of all developments in the field of shading.

Our clientele list includes names of major companies and enterprises, which we constantly try to vindicate for the trust they show in our products; which we always aim  to improve, utilizing our many years of experience.