After a successful course in the conventional umbrella models, a challenge for the design department of our company was the creation of a new model of tulip-type umbrella with innovative design, functionality and coverage for areas of high demands. They are designed and manufactured in metal fixed umbrellas and umbrellas opening and closing by aluminum components.


The tulip umbrella is entirely made of high quality aluminum, is electrostatically painted with RAL 9010 polyester powder, and is coated by a membrane made of an acrylic waterproof fabric or PVC in various colors.

It has a built-in aluminum gutter to drain rainwater into the ground. It also has a telescopic system with an internal crank mechanism and suitable support bases on the ground, depending on the case.

Extra accessories that can be placed on the tulip are:

  • Waterproof LED interior lighting
  • Electric motor with remote control
  • Hydraulic system on a case by case basis
  • Outer cover with waterproof fabric and telescopic zipper system
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