Tensile structures are called constructions with elements carrying only tensile stresses. These are flexible, light or heavy constructions.

Construction materials – Ways of support

Such structures can use a wide range of advanced coating materials which are refractory synthetic fabrics such as PVC-PVDF, PTFE, ETFE and other lightweight materials such as HDPE, perforated PVC. The support of these structures can be made on metal pillars and various other metal support bases.

Design and implementation

To determine the exact shape of a structure, each design goes through a rigorous procedure using the most modern software packages and the most specialized staff. We have the ability to turn your ideas into 3D designs, to offer personalized solutions and to create constructions that impress for their impeccable design, functionality and excellent quality of materials.

Areas of application

Tensile structures can be used as shading systems replacing conventional-type awnings. There is a variety of applications, e.g. in patios, stadiums, shading for hotel areas, bars, restaurants, parks and open spaces.


Advantages of such a structure are the ability to shape and form the fabric so as to highlight the profile and aesthetics of a structure. It creates heat transfer currents that significantly reduce ambient temperature outdoors. It also requires less maintenance than glass or polycarbonate roofs.