The cassette-type awnings of the Italian company Shade Lab, which we proudly represent, will change forever the way we see sun protection. With innovative ideas and strict criteria for the selection of materials, they dress the most advanced shading technology with a unique style.

Cassette-Type Awnings Mod.Feng

Τέντα Κασέτα Mod Feng2021-04-05T15:36:31+03:00

Cassette-Type Awnings Mod.Kumo

Τέντα Κασέτα Mod Kumo2021-04-05T15:36:31+03:00

Cassette-Type Awnings Mod.Shan

Τέντα Κασέτα Mod Shan2021-04-05T15:36:31+03:00

Cassette-Type Awnings Mod.Yuki

Τέντα Κασέτα Mod Yuki2021-04-05T15:36:31+03:00