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Tensile structures

Tensile structure are called the constructions with elements carrying only tensile stresses, they are flexible, light and heavy constructions.

Construction materials – Ways of support

These structures can be used a wide range of advanced coating materials which are refractory synthetic fabrics such as PVC-PVDF, PTFE, ETFE and other lightweight materials such as HDPE, PVC perforated . The support of these structures can be realized in metal columns and various other metal racks can carry compressive and bending loads.

Design and Implenentation

To determine the exact shape of a structure each project goes through a rigorous process, using the latest software packages on the market and the most qualified staff. We can turn your ideas into 3D designs that combine aesthetics and functionality of the structure.

Fields of Applications

The tensile structures provide a modern and an aesthetically pleasant result and a functional coverage. They can also be used as a shading system replacing the conventional tents. There are plenty of applications. For example gazeboes, stadiums, hotels’ shading, bars, restaurants, parks and outdoors.


This structure has many advantages such as the ability to shape and construct the fabric in order to promote the profile and aesthetics of a structure. Besides it creates convection flows that significantly reduce the environmental temperature. It also requires less maintenance than the roofs of glass or polycarbonate.